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It has been noted in the technology world we live in , more and more people prefer online complain and thus making it must to establish online redressal system

What are the modes of online complaints – whatsapp , twitter , email and online forms have been mode of complain but need for proactive live chat is need of the hour

People want to get advice or complain sometime not informing their family or society so they opt for online complain as safe methodology

People feel typing more easy and if real time chatting is available as can be noted from success of tele medicine platforms or twitter complains government must work to launch online redressal along with their 112 ERSS initiatives

life saved through online mechanism is great and we at will look foward to add all such online initative also

like workplace harrasment can be reported on shebox , Indian stuck abroad can report on madad app , irctc have been assisting people on twitter so with advancement of technology online grevience mechanism will become more realtime and save more life

Only flaw of online redressal is there may be fake request or false hoax so that can be verified through otp system implementation

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