Self Awareness

What is Self-Awareness and How to Cultivate It? Most people do believe that they are self-aware, true self-awareness is quite a rare quality. There are actually two distinct types of self-awareness, that one experiences and power can hinder self-awareness, and that introspection does not always make you more self-aware.  In Continue Reading

Old Age Home in India

1. Shraddhanand Mahilashram – Mumbai Shraddhanand Mahilashram provides shelter to women of 60 years of age and above in Mumbai It offers free stay for poor and paid for who can afford Shraddhanand Mahilashram,Shraddhanand Marg,Matunga, Mumbai – 400019 Telephone : +91 022-24012552 / 022-24010715 2. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali – Nest Continue Reading