Differently abled people often require assistance with their activities and help against any kind of abuse . In a good step, the Telangana government has launched a helpline to assist them .

Telangana Govt – Differently Abled helpline 155326

The helpline was launched on International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the Government aims to provide motorized vehicles, battery wheelchairs, smartphones, hearing aids, laptops, MP3 players, and dice player to disabled students completely free of charge without a bank loan.

This is a wonder initiative and Indianhelpline.com really appreciate it.

Other helpline for Differently-abled people are :-


Contact : 011-24364456


( Disability Card )

For complete helpline list – https://indianhelpline.com/Disability-Helpline/

We hope such initiatives are started in other states also . From bus seat reservations and helpline, we as members of society must extend all our care and make life easier .

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