Fitness apps are the best way to stay healthy and fit in these hectic days.

From notification , reminders , to analytics all working to make you fit . with wide variety of fitness App in playstore these are the popular one. Fitness App help to plan the diet and workout schedule , they keep track of calorie and even steps walked Durning the day.

The popular apps that have tried and liked are as follow . Each one of them is free to download and use on playstore or Apple store. And few even give rewards

  1. STEPSETGO : Step set go is a wonderful app which promoted walking ; it count the number of steps walked in a day and reward you with virtual coins. It also let you compare with your friends . Driving competition and fitness. Even the coin can be redeemed for exciting gifts promoting sense of competition and awards

We have not redeemed any awards hence won’t vouch for genuinity but it truly is inspiring the youth and making them tap their feets outside their home

Available : Android and Apple store

2. FITBIT : Fitbit is the most popular fitness App across the globe , It helps to track sleep schedule and thus promote healthy sleeping and healthy lifestyle

It gives to track your daily , weekly sleep schedule and contribute to make life more organized and healthy .

It also keep track of your drinking water intake , taking care of hyderation.

Fitbit data can be analyzed on computer also.

Available : Android and Apple store

3. SENSEME : SenseMe is all in one tracking app for your fitness , from steps of walking , sleep schedule , calories etc

It also keep track of your activities like Yoga , swimming etc. It can also track your heart beat by using mobile sensor ( However the accuracy of this technology is not yet confirmed )

Great app for all round fitness

Available on : Android only


Google Fit is a popular fitness brand , with Google Fit watches are quite popular in US.

Google the leader in mobile technology created this smart and simple app. It tracks your overall fitness schedule from steps.

It can also record data from other fitness device and can easily be compatible with all Android device and wearables

Download from : Android

5. HealthifyMe : Diet tracking :

HealthifyMe keep you to manage health, lose weight, eat healthy food :

It calculate your calorie counter, nutrition calculator & food tracker. It also prepare customised diet plan for weight loss & other health goals. Log foods, count calories, plan a diet chart, track overall health, steps & workouts, water intake and document your weight loss journey.

With over 10Million download on playstore and Editor choice , it’s most beloved health management app in India

Available on: Android and Apple Store

These are the most popular health app , as per our survey ; for instant BMI calculators visit :

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