Alcohol consumption in India in the year 2019 was over 6 billion liters. Alcohol for young people has become common in drugs. It has been predicted that by the year 2021 the amount of alcohol consumption may reach 7 billion liters. The number of young alcohol consumers in India increased in recent years and numbers are gradually increasing. However, there are age limits in selling alcohol in India. 

Alcohol abuse, that is excessive alcohol consumption has affected many young people already and has hazardous effects on youth. There are cases of deaths due to alcohol abuse in adults as well as in adolescents. The excessive consumption of alcohol has been a threat to not just the consumer but the related people.

Alcohol Abuse Signs

To recognize the alcohol abuse in a person you care about, you can look for the following signs.

– Mumbling or stammering while talking 

Alcohol abuse people may find it difficult to talk properly, they’ll mumble things or talk stammering.

– Bloodshot eyes

Alcohol abuse people would have their eyes red like vessels of blood can be visible on the white surface of eyes.

– Repeating their statements

Alcohol abuse people may repeat their statements several times or sometimes, they may talk to themselves.

– Difficulty in standing up and Walking

Alcohol abuse people would be struggling to stand up. Also, people who drink excessive alcohol cannot walk properly.

– Confused or uncertain behavior

People who drink excessive alcohol may find it difficult to understand what is happening around them, they may seem confused about what is happening and what they are doing there. Sometimes they cannot remember their friends and family.

– Anxiety 

Alcohol disrupts the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which leads to anxiety. The anxiety caused by alcohol may last for several hours or the whole day. Alcohol may worsen the existing anxiety.

– Blank Stares

Alcohol abuse people sometimes are so absent-minded that they blank stares for a long time. In cases, where alcohol levels in the body are too high, they may feel a blackout and they couldn’t make memories of what they are doing.


Alcohol abuse causes many deaths in adults and young adults. In India, more than 140 thousand people died due to excessive alcohol consumption. Road accidents, suicides, and murders are the cause of death for alcohol abuse people. Young adults aging from 18 to 24 being under the risk of alcohol abuse needed to be prevented from early age excessive drinking. Following are the preventions for early age alcohol abuse.

1) Maintaining the number of bars and restaurants that sell alcohol in a particular area. 

2) Increasing the number of taxes and tax amount on alcohol so it affects the prices of alcohol.

3) State governments can limit the number of days in a week to sell alcohol legally.

4) State governments can limit the number of hours per day to sell alcohol legally.

5) Maintaining strict laws for alcohol serving underage people. Minors should not get alcohol in any shop or restaurant that sells alcohol.

6) Maintaining a law that holds sellers of alcohol liable for the injuries or harm caused to an excessive drunk person because of illegal providence of alcohol to underage or minors.

7) Creating awareness amongst people about excessive drinking or alcohol abuse at an early age. 

Self Preventions

1) Do not drink alcohol more than the mentioned limit by the state government or law.

2) Help others to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

3) Do not sell alcohol to those who are underage or minors. Stop people from drinking who are already too drunk.

4) Get help from healthcare communities about excessive drinking and consult a rehab center if you are an alcoholic person.


Alcohol abuse at an early age needs attention. You might know someone who is going through alcohol abuse at an early age, It could lead them to disastrous events in the future. Drinking excessive alcohol at a young age can lead to several health issues and societal problems. It is always better to get treatment as soon as possible.

There are many healthcare centers to reach out to when you see the problem of alcohol abuse in youngsters and adults. Counseling with a health expert is a good option to get rid of alcoholism. The health professional will examine your condition and diagnose the health and condition. The proper medication will be given to you for your alcoholism. If you need it, you will be provided with multiple counseling therapies, medications, or detoxification. There are many detoxification centers you can reach out to.

It’s never too late, even if you are fully indulging in alcoholism. Reaching out to the rehab centers is one of the best options for your alcohol abuse. Rehab centers have medications and methods that will help you get back to an alcohol-free life. These rehab centers have many medications and therapies for alcohol abuse at an early age. They will help your body detoxify and recover from the bad effects of alcohol abuse. Improved physical and mental health are the two most important benefits of rehab centers.

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Disclaimer: This Article is written by Gagan Jain , The article is sponsored by Veda Wellness

Government National Toll Free De-Addiction Helpline is : 1800-11-0031

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