Cyber safety tips :

  1. Sharing Mobile with strangers :

While giving your mobile for repair it’s advisable to format it , as today UPI payments , WhatsApp account , autofill in chrome all store sensitive information that can be copied and misused

2. Google Chrome autostore password :

Similarly , do you know Google chrome stores your login information of Facebook / Hotmail etc , so always go in setting and remove such saved password before sharing your laptop with friends / strangers

3. Public WiFi or unknown Bluetooth request

Public WiFi is also subject to hacking , and never accept any request on public WiFi

4. Network Lan based Computers :

In networking computer ( specially for C.A ) , data sometimes become public and there have been incident , client plugs his pendrive in PC 3 , that is being copied by PC 1 users

5. Webcam and Mic :

Webcam are most dangerous components of laptop and can be hacked ( Mark zukerberg ) , covers his laptop webcam with tape to avoid it

6. Screensharing / Remote access app :

Remote screen sharing app has uncontrolled access to your P.C or Mobile , so it is always avoid their usage and do not give any app 100% control

Also stay updated with list of Risky app notified by Official companies

7. Keep your Personal information safe :

Private data , Pics , image must not be stored on public systems. And neither shared online. There is always risk of stealing , hacking in online world. Many incident if blackmailing are result of such small overlook. Also If someone is blackmail you inform immediately to cybercell , police and your family members

Cyber safety precautions to keep you safe

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